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 In Character Rules

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PostSubject: In Character Rules   Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:59 pm

These are the IC rules. As with the OOC rules, dependent on what you break will depend upon your reprimand. If you break three rules, be it IC or OOC, you will be banned and booted.

1 Follow all orders that the Alpha pair give. Their word is law.
2 Being this is fantasy based, humans and humanoid characters (such as werewolves) are allowed! If you are uncertain of if your character is okay, shoot me a message.
3 Powers will be allowed, but most be approved of! Listed powers that are allowed will be posted in a different section.
4 Sparring has always been a part of the Dark Battalion! It will be kept as such! However, you must alert a higher up, and ensure that there is a healer, or someone with healing knowledge, online.
5 Your character, in order to be initiated into the Tribe, must be active for a week (5 days) to become a full fledged member. After that, an initiation ceremony will be granted.
6 While IC drama is allowed, you are not allowed to kill one another's characters without notifying the opposing player, and myself.
7 Kiddlets! Kiddlets are allowed among all members, even recruits. There is, however, a 'cool down' so as to keep kiddos from becoming to common.
8 Growth spurts! 1 RL day = 3 In Game days.
9 Your character may choose up to TWO ranks! This will put your character into a special section.
10 Tribal Markings! I have a specific brush set for this! If you want your tribal marking on a preset, PM me!
11 Anything that is sex related must either be fade to black, or performed privately elsewhere. We are not that type of mature roleplay, and while cursing itself is allowed, sex related roleplays are not.
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In Character Rules
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