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 Tribal Ranks

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PostSubject: Tribal Ranks   Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:31 am

Tribal Ranks are as follows! In order to get into a high tier position, you MUST prove yourself!

Osteg - Alpha Male (IB) 1/1

Ostag - Alpha Female (IB) 0/1 (To Be Chosen by the Alpha)

Odayin - High Priest/Priestess (IBO) 1/1 (To Be Chosen by the Alpha)
         - Speaks with the Great Spirits that the Battalion worship

Odak - Priest/Priestess (Ibo) Unlimited
       - Helps the head priest/priestess to divine the plans of the Great Spirits.

Koday - High Shaman (IBK) 2/2
        - Lead Medic of the Tribe

Mushko - Shaman (IBM) 0/5
          - Medic of the Tribe

Daywushk - Medic (Ibd) Unlimited
              - Baby Medics of the Tribe (Learning the ropes)

Giwisay - Lead Hunter of the Tribe (IBG) 0/2
          - Organizes the Tribe Hunts. All can participate, even if not a hunter.

Niwug - Hunter (Ibn) Unlimited
         - Main body of hunters

Maengun - War Braves (Lead Warriors) (IBMA) 0/2
            - Main warriors of the Tribe. Organize war efforts, and manage sparring

Mukwa - Warriors (Ibmu) Unlimited
         - Main body of warriors

Gazha - Lead Scout (IBGA) 0/2
        - Manage scouting expeditions into uncharted territory

Chimook - Assassin (Must have the scout rank in order to become one.) (IBC) 0/5
            - In charge of assassinating anyone, by any means necessary, that the Alpha pair dictate.

Hagayns - Scouts (Ibh) Unlimited
            - Main body of scouts

Neekon - Guardians of the Tribe (Not what you think! heh) (IBN) 0/3
          - The Neekon are, surprisingly, not actual guards. Neekons are the watchers over the children in the tribe, their protectors and teachers.
          - Neekon are in charge of overseeing all childhood activities, and teaching the children the ways of the Tribe.

Nisiwin - Babysitters (Ibn) Unlimited
          - Main body of the Guardians of the tribe.

Ahdwin - Lead Professions (Teachers) (IBA) 0/10
          - These are the top quality crafters.
          - There may only be 2 of each class as a top crafter. Leather Working, Smithing, Jewel Crafting,Wood Working, Glass Makers/Pottery.

Windaw - Painters of the Tribe (IBW) 0/5
          - As painters of the tribe, the Windaw are in charge of inscribing tattoos on the tribesmen, painting murals, and helping to organize the Tribal Dance.

Ahdaw - Musicians (IBAH) 0/10
         - The musicians play the flutes, drums, and other instruments that are to accompany festivities, such as the Tribal Dance.

Daway - Professions (Ibd) Unlimited
         - Professions are the leather workers, smiths, crafters of all sorts, musicians, painters, etc.

Ahki - Elders (IBAK) Unlimited
      - Elders are the oldest members in the Tribe, those who cannot fight, or have chosen to retire.

Wedig - This is a mix of ranks!
        - IE: Assassin/Leather worker (Tag would look like this: IBCd)
        - Based on the ranks you choose, the tag will look different, but it will always end in a lowercase d!

Kajiwin - Pups (ibk) Unlimited
          - The Lifeblood of the Tribe, the pups.

Mixed Ranks are allowed, but only if seeking a profession as a side rank.
IE: Assassin also wants to be a glass maker. Tag would turn into IBCd. The d is lower case due to the fact it is a hobby, and not a high rank.
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Tribal Ranks
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