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 Tribal Tiers

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PostSubject: Tribal Tiers   Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:47 pm

Tribal Tiers are here, which helps to explain what Ranks are what. The tiers are as follows: High Tier, Mid Tier, and Low Tier. High Tier ranks must be earned, unless otherwise stated by the Alpha (Daemeon).

High Tier
Osteg/Ostag (Alpha Pair, does not need to be mated)

Odayin (High Priest/Priestess)

Koday (High Shaman/Lead Medic)

Giwisay (Lead Hunter)

Maengun (War Braves/Lead Warriors)

Gazha (Lead Scout)

Chimook (Assassin)

Neekon (Guardians/Lead Babysitters)

Ahdwin (Lead Professions)

Mid Tier

Mushko (Shamans)

Windaw (Painters)

Ahdaw (Musicians)

Ahki (Elders)

Low Tier

Odak (Priest/Priestess)

Daywushk (Medics)

Niwug (Hunters)

Mukwa (Warriors)

Hagayns (Scouts)

Nisiwin (Babysitters)

Daway (Professions)

Kajiwin (Children)


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Tribal Tiers
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