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 Tribal Regulations

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PostSubject: Tribal Regulations   Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:15 pm

Tribal Regulations are a set of rules all their own that tie into the ranks of the Tribe. These, like all other rules, are to be followed.

Tribal Regulations are as follows:

Breeding cooldown is like that of the wolf. The female comes into heat once or twice a year, which increases the amount of pups they may have. While it is possible to have pups anytime outside of the heat, the heat just ensures a larger batch of pups.
Females will come into heat during the Spring and Fall for a span of one week. If an in-heat Female is mated to a male, she will remain faithful to that male and breed only with him. In-heat Females that are not with a male may choose whomever they wish to take as their partner.
Males compete for the female of their choosing, either wooing her with gifts and romance, or fighting over her as wolves naturally would.
Wolves may only have pups up to three times a year (to prevent over population). However many pups you have is up to you.

Fighting is not encouraged among the Tribe. Any feuds are to be settled civilly, unless specified otherwise by the Alpha (Daemeon). If he sees to it that the feud cannot be settled by normal means, he will initiate a spar and personally watch said feud. Based on the outcome, Daemeon will then choose who he feels has won the spar to be the rightful wolf of the feud.

Fighting is not encouraged among outsiders, unless provoked. If you are attacked, however, you have every right to defend yourself. But that is if, and only if, you are attacked. From there, you are to report said attack to whomever is the highest rank online at the time. Screenshots will be required of the incident and the username that was the instigator. This will help us to determine if said user will be completely ignored, or if they will be attacked on sight.

You are free to wander wherever you please inside of the map that the Tribe chooses as their territory. If you choose, however, to have pups away from the Tribe, you are at your own risk to defend them. We cannot always keep an eye upon those who are outside of the Tribe territory, so proceed with caution. And if you do have pups, make sure to let us know! We'd love to meet them!

Once every two weeks, a Tribal Dance shall be held upon a Friday night between 8-10pm central time, dependent upon when the Alpha pair is able to get on. This Tribal Dance is to commemorate those who have earned their Mark, and just to grow a deeper bond within the Tribe. While the Dance is not required to attend, it is recommended to come to join the ceremony.

This will be edited with more rules as I see fit.
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Tribal Regulations
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